June Is National Smile Month—Is Your Smile Ready?

Maintaining your smile should be part of your daily routine; however, if you have relaxed a bit too much and let your guard down, let June’s National Smile Month stimulate you into getting back on track. Your first course of action is to checkout your toothbrush. If it is worn, replace it. Next, you will need to buy and use dental floss. No more excuses, you need to floss your teeth just once a day for good oral health. If you are not sure your brushing and flossing skills are the best, don’t be embarrassed—ask our office for a demo—nobody really knows how to brush properly until they are shown. Once you are confident your brushing and flossing skills mimic what you’ve learned, you can then focus on cosmetics. For example, would a professional bleaching give you the smile you have always dreamed of having? Or, maybe now is the time to discuss porcelain veneers or tooth-colored restorations with our office? Lastly, you should ask us about a mouthguard for protecting your teeth while sleeping and when playing sports. Now you are set to enjoy showing off your smile and not just for National Smile Month—but also for the entire year.